activities for ilankai

kapu and friends present: activities for ilankai, 2022
hardcopy and online
a5, 28 pages
ilankai is the tamil word for sri lanka. the recent economic crisis is just one eruption the island has endured over the last century under the helms of an increasingly fascist state. kapu is honoured to present activities for ilankai, a compilation of recipes, colouring ins, journal prompts and more by artists whose work continues to inspire and moves us into action. right now, foreign currency is gold as inflation rates are rising and foreign reserves have been depleted. proceeds from activities for ilankai will be directed to voice of hope trust

contributing artists include:
anukriti kaushik, brahmi kumarasamy, kiera brew kurec, leon kannangara, lo alalay, mirusha yogarajah, neil kumar, prinita thevarajah, priyanka bromhead, priya florence dadlani, srisha sritharan, vishmi helaratne